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It benefits are outnumbered and essential for every organization be it corporate or individual, firms and every environment. Think of Banks, Microfinances, Schools, Churches, Travel and Tour agencies, Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals, Laboratories, Shops, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO`s) and any other Organization, their needs are served with this package. Why is it so imperative to patronize this Software?

  • This Software is cost effective and the most affordable made of communication which enables you to pay less after every transaction.
  • It is highly reliable, so flexible and 100% guaranteed.
  • It has extensive reach which makes it advantageous over Faxes, Emails and Telephones. As said earlier, messages are received by a large or small group of people in a blink of the eye.
  • The speed is very awesome. It is much faster than the normal SMS depending on coverage of the whole operator, route of delivery and the gate way used.

How proud would you feel to see message branded in your company`s name say SOLID FM? This is exactly what WAK SMS does for you.

The most interesting thing about the package is that, it brands your company such that all messages sent will be in your company`s name or Organization`s name. For instance Kings Int. Sch.